The Day’s Headlines

With Stern taking Allen over Mo, both Orlando and Boston have now had 3 players chosen for the AS team, even though only 2 will play from the Magic. This got both Ben and Dan Gilbert creatively angry and in an email sent to the AP, Gilbert wrote:

“Ben Wallace was right when he called Mo originally being passed over for the All-Star game a shamockery. But not naming him as the natural and obvious replacement for the unfortunately injured Jameer Nelson is stupidiculous, idillogical and preposterageous.”

Mo’s too cool of a guy to care about this openly. He carries himself with confidence at all times and his value to the team will be truly be felt during the second half of the season.

Some more good news.

“I never thought you could look at the box score and see somebody with 50 with a triple-double, but it’s happened,” said Lebron after Wednesday night’s game.

Unfortunately it hasn’t happened since 1975.

Forget everything I wrote about Lebron’s triple dub the other day. Since all NBA games are reviewed to guarantee the accuracy of statistics, one of his rebounds was taken away. His supposedly ninth board with 39.5 sec to go was actually tapped by Wallace, giving him two. Still, what really is the difference between 9 boards and 10? I agree with Krolik of CavstheBlog that it’s an impressive stat but nonetheless an arbitrary milestone.

Hopefully Lebron wasn’t too disappointed since he did say humbly after the game, “I don’t go out there for the numbers, I just play my game.”

If he doesn’t care about his numbers, he at least cares about his dancing.


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